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Brendan MacDermott is a Sales and Marketing Consultant who works with an array of businesses, to assist in revenue growth, brand awareness, and market share. Brendan specializes in the wine and spirits industries; however, his range has extended to many types of businesses seeking growth and development.
Brendan believes that he is an artist working in the confines of the corporate world. He enjoys bringing his creativity, unique perspective, and enthusiasm to a company or business roster devoid of his distinctive skillset and talent.  He is a graduate of Sonoma State University with a degree in Wine Business Management.
Brendan has worked at New England Cable News (NECN) as a Sales and Marketing Representative on an award-winning TV show (TV Diner with Billy Costa). Within one year Brendan helped increase revenue over 100%. Brendan worked with many
travel, beverage, and hospitality clients including; Constellation Wine Brands, Beam Global, and Luxco.
Brendan’s experience continued to grow at Boston Winery, where he was a GM for 5 years. With his creativity, ingenuity, and sales experience, Brendan and his team were able to increase revenue during his tenure over 250%. He formed a wine club, partnered with The Black Dog to collaborate on a wine brand, and he developed Boston Winery’s own brand; Without Papers (WOP Wine). Currently, both brands are distributed in 7 states. 
Recently, Brendan launched a wine brand for World Wide Wine of New England, SYP (Simple Yet Perfect), where he is a consultant helping manage global wine imports and distribution. His roster includes; Duchessa Lia, Bosco Albano, Cremor, Bodega Iniesta, and Una. Brendan assists in importing these products to the US and introduces them to the US market.
Brendan has built brands from the ground up, including; logos,
concepts, and taglines. He has created, managed, and developed websites, social media pages, and blogs.

Brendan works part-time at a local Craft Brewery, Dorchester Brewing Company.

"Barbuto Mac" is a blend of both his parent's surnames, Barbuto and MacDermott.  

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